The Ten Steps to Customer Success

“Strategy Without Tactics is the Slowest Route to Victory…  
Tactics Without Strategy is the Noise Before Defeat.”

                                                                                                                   – Sun Tzu

Runnin Up The Stairs

The Ten Step Strategy for Achieving the Ultimate LTV!

  1. Review & Gain Consensus – What Are the Numbers Today:
    • What are the numbers?
      • Net & Gross Churn ($,#)
      • Headwind
        • Logos Lost ($)
        • Price Erosion
      • Tailwind
        • Expansion (including pricing)
        • Upselling
      • Revenue Past (Actual – 2 yr by Quarter)
      • Revenue Future (Forecast – 2 yr by Year)
    • Define how they are measured
    • Agree upon what they are now
    • Establish what needs to be prioritized
  1. Identify What is in Place – The As-Is:
    • Processes
      • The Good stuff
      • The Bad stuff
      • The Gaps
    •  People
      • How many
      • What expertise
      • Their passion
  1. Optimize Valuation – Establish How Much Should be Invested & Where:
    • Acquisition Costs: CAC ratio
    • Retention Costs: CRC ratios
    • Expansion Costs: CEC ratios
    • Upsell Costs: CUC ratios
  1. Create Segmentation: (Customer – Not Sales)
    • Some customers are more valuable than others (Always)
    • Segmentation drive priorities
    • Segments drive spend, which drives your tactics
  1. Determine “The” Customer’s Definition of Success:
    • How is the value you create measured?
    • Are they achieving results/realizing that value?
    • Will they recognize that value is being achieved?
    • Can you influence the value they desire going forward?
  1. Create Customer Personas: The Customers’ Renewal & Expansion Team(s)
    • Who are they?
    • Who is the decision maker(s)?
    • How do the various personas define and measure success?
  1. Your Company’s Vision of Success for the Customer:
    • Articulate the “Master Narrative”
    • Create the “Value Path”
    • Identify the “Next Step” that provides value to the customer
    • Use your company’s vision to define customer success
  1. Identify the Greatest Opportunity to Increase LTV: (Gross- Net – Cost)
    • Value vs. Investment.
      • Retention (Least expensive)
      • Expansion (Retention x 2)
      • Upselling (Retention x 4)
  1. Execution: (Tactics)
    • Understand the “As-Is” and enable your team
      • What doesn’t need to be done?
      • What can/must be done by others?
      • Who do you need on your team to succeed?
    • Identify the options for possible solutions
      • Processes
      • Plays
      • Health Scores
      • Tools… etc.
    • Assess risk & cost associated with each option
    • Decide on your best option and make it happen
      • There are always 10 things to do today… pick one
      • Pick One
      • PICK ONE
    • Define metrics
      • They let you know if you’re doing what you said you’d do?
      • They let you know if your tactics are working?
  1. Assess the Effectiveness of Your Actions:
    • If not working… Go back to Step 9
    • If it is working…
      • Make sure customer recognizes and acknowledges your value
      • Take the customer to the next level of value by going back to step 8
      • Monetize based on the value provided



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